Keyboard Setup – FPS – Right Side   Leave a comment

Keyboard Setup – FPS – Right Side

Keyboard Setup – FPS – Right Side

I created this template to help with your keyboard as it should be associated with general First Person Shooter configuration when used in conjunction with the Razer Naga. This template considers the Right Side View of the keyboard in regards to general FPS gaming.

Not much going on here unless you are a southpaw.

Again, from top left to bottom right…

F9 will be assigned to the quick load function in game. It’s not an easy key to hit accidentally which is an ideal place for it.

F12 is for screenshots. Isn’t it?

10, 11, 12, Left and Right Brackets, Comma and Period, were all previously explained in the Naga Setup – Synapse section.

The Arrow keys are being used specifically as a mini control panel for the Steam Controller (details to come), although concerning the game Half-Life 2 Deathmatch it is also used; up arrow to spectate, down arrow to see the time left in a round; left wing are rebels, right wing are combine. What else is new?

Now check out the Keyboard Setup – FPS – Numeric Keypad.

Game specific settings are listed in the Game Setup category.

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