Naga Setup – FPS – Thumb Grid (vertical)   Leave a comment

Naga Setup – FPS – Thumb Grid (vertical)

Naga Setup – FPS – Thumb Grid (vertical)

I created this template to help with your Razer Naga as it should be associated with general First Person Shooter configuration. This template considers the Thumb Grid of the mouse in a vertical position in regards to general FPS gaming.

Here we take a much closer look at the thumb grid and why weapons are assigned to specific locations. Considering natural thumb curvature and reflex and the weapons tier system found in some games, I tested many variants until I was satisfied the configuration felt just right. We already know that your thumb will lie naturally between mouse buttons 4 and 5. This will create an area of traffic within the center of the thumb grid and as stated earlier, your thumb will also feel much more at home arcing through the bottom right quadrant on the inside of the grid so with this in mind we’ll keep weapons used most often in these areas.

Your thumb will feel extremely comfortable swapping between Primaries 1,2,3, and 4, even while moving around in game, so you want your most used weapons in these locations and with your thumb resting at home, you can choose a weapon then switch between whatever said function is at switch and the last most used weapon you chose. Also, while resting at Switch, Secondary 1 is an easy swap, it’s right behind it and a bit elevated, so it’s a great spot for a melee weapon or an important utility. Bring your thumb back once more and you have another secondary which is where your quick weapon or utility is; a great spot for it as even if your thumb overshoots this button, there is nothing behind it, so the end result is whatever is bound there.

Weapons tier systems, like that of Half-Life 2, most often contain a base weapon and an augmented version of that weapon; considering this, traffic area and natural thumb reflex, I have assigned the weapons so that they can be allocated with the least amount of thought process. Again, as your thumb will want to lie back on the mouse, you’ll notice a pattern of weapon placement which considers your thumb wanting to move downward on the thumb grid. You can see this is most prominent wherein the Drill and Drill Dash are placed as you must choose the Drill before you can utilize the Drill Dash. Also, notice how the lightning Gun and Hack Tool are set as secondary utilities. Each game’s weapons will vary but as you can see by the above example, similar categories will always reside in the same position. The Nailgun is similar to the Chain Gun. The Hyperblaster is similar to the Plasma Gun. You get the idea.

Regardless of how many different games you play, if you follow this guideline, you’ll always know right where to put that weapon and you’ll remember right where it is too because the setup is the same for each one. The goal here is to utilize the thumb grid buttons for active weapons as the keyboard keys are reserved for utility functions. This is completely described and explained in the Keyboard Setup – FPS category.

Game specific settings are listed in the Game Setup category.

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