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Naga Setup – FPS – Side View

Naga Setup – FPS – Side View

I created this template to help with your Razer Naga as it should be associated with general First Person Shooter configuration. This template considers the Side View of the mouse in regards to general FPS gaming.

When set up properly, the thumb grid is a pleasure to use. Your thumb will lie naturally between the 2 and the 5 buttons which is easy to find as there is a valley or indentation between these two buttons found nowhere else on the Naga thumb grid. While in game, your hand will want to slide back on the mouse itself due to it’s large base, and with the natural curvature and trajectory of your thumb on the side of the mouse, you’ll find an area of comfortability from top left to bottom right on the thumb grid. This being said, buttons used most often should be kept left center to right and below. In layman’s terms, your thumb will feel more at home looking for 6 than it will for 10. With this in mind I also addressed the one/two punch system found in such games as Half-Life 2, wherein a quick SMG nade to the face followed by a dual shell shotgun blast coexist.

Primary 1, 2, 3, and 4, are where your most often used weapons should be bound. Primary 1 and 2 are where I usually bind my auto and semi-automatic weapons. Primary 3 and 4 are where I usually bind my one hit kill or up close and personal weapons. Primary 4 is special in that in fades into a Heavy 1 bind. Should the game not have a Primary 4 weapon then this button becomes your Primary Heavy weapon (rocket launchers come to mind), although should a fourth primary weapon be bound here then said rocket launcher would be bound to Heavy 2, and so forth. Heavy 2 should have the utmost devastating long range weapon bound to it, as it’s location requires conscious awareness to press it. An accidental rocket launch in a small room is not recommended.

Which brings us to Heavy 3, which is primarily Secondary 2/Quick, but it makes sense here in that any heavy weapon that could also be categorized as a quick secondary or a quick utility type should be bound here. Your thumb has a quick slap down to this button from it’s home position and it has an elevated lift molded behind it, so it makes an audible snap when you smoke it. Your thumb will be back to home position in no time, so as to set that SLAM, toss that grenade, or snap that photograph.

The Secondary buttons here are important. Secondary 1 lies right underneath the switch function, which oddly enough can be used as a secondary switch function. In games like Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (original version) the Grabber weapon switches between the Grabber and Fists which lies right underneath the Switch button which switches between the flashlight and whichever weapon you were using last. Neat huh. The Secondary 2 button has an elevated lift molded behind it, which makes it easy to drag your thumb straight down from the switch button (which is where your thumb will rest naturally during game play) and pop whatever is bound there immediately, as stated above, the SLAM in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch or the research camera in both BioShocks’, comes to mind.

Scraps is where I bind anything that is useful, but either doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, or isn’t anything I would generally use in the heat of the moment.

Open 1 and 2 are buttons that my thumb either has to ‘reach’ for, or when pressed, move the mouse enough to disturb the laser pointer in game, so I try to bind only weapons or utilities here that are just about useless in game. Open 1 seems to disturb the laser pointer a bit less so I bind here first before moving on to Open 2.

On closing, feel free to swap binds to your liking in the configuration file.

A quick study of the above example will reflect general weapons placement on the thumb grid. The Naga Setup – FPS – Thumb Grid (vertical) description explains why this works best.

Game specific settings are listed in the Game Setup category.

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