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Naga Setup – FPS – Top View

Naga Setup – FPS – Top View

I created this template to help with your Razer Naga as it should be associated with general First Person Shooter configuration. This template considers the Top View of the mouse in regards to general FPS gaming.

As we are well aware, individual game keybind settings are not created equal. Each game comes prepackaged with it’s own idea of which keys or mouse buttons are best suited for the game at hand. This of course is known as the game’s default keybind settings. Some gamers are default setting die-hards and refuse to change any of these preset keybinds. If you are one of these people, this is not the website for you and thank you for visiting. Now, moving along, my goal here is to generalize or even standardize the keybinds so that whichever game you play, you will always know where each game function or weapon is.

Assuming you have already visited the Naga Setup – Synapse section of this website, i will move along to describe and explain more detail concerning in game functions for the Naga.

The obvious starting point would be mouse buttons 1 and 2 of course. These are set as fire 1 and fire 2 (secondary fire). In some games, fire 2 will alternately be assigned as zoom weapon. This is a good place for it as it is very comfortable to be able to zoom your weapon then fire it all within a moment’s notice.

Mouse button 3 (scroll wheel click) will be assigned to a custom field of view which will differ for each game and is most often set up in the game’s configuration file. This is a handy place for it as most games’ field of view is reset to it’s default state after utilizing the zoom function in game and needs to be customized on the fly after such action.

The mouse scroll wheel tilt left and tilt right functions will be unique to each game although their purpose will remain a constant. General utility is what we wish to assign here. Tilt left for your flashlight or to switch your ammo type down. Tilt right to toss a grenade, instantly annihilate your enemies, or to switch your ammo type up.

See those two mouse buttons just underneath the scroll wheel? These will prove very helpful in game. The top one will be used for in game quick saves. Just got locked in a room and faced with an unexpected boss battle? Tap this button without even taking your hands off of the mouse or keyboard and you’re safe. The bottom one will be used for in game quick cheats. It’s not an easy button to click accidentally so you can decide if and when you need to refill all of your ammunition, health or what have you.

Mouse button 4 will always be used as a switch function whenever possible. If the game provides an option to switch or to assign last weapon used or if a specific weapon in game inherently provides a switch function, this is where it will go. When a switch function in game is not available at all, then this button can and will be used as an alternative primary weapon.

Mouse button 5 will almost always be used to reload your weapon. This works in tandem with the R key on your keyboard so that you can sport dual reload. You can reload more efficiently with the option to do so on either side of the keyboard.

Mouse buttons 4 and 5 are per the above example and are further explained in the Naga Setup – FPS – Side View.

Game specific settings are listed in the Game Setup category.

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