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I recommend using the Xbox 360/One controller to play through Alice: Madness Returns. It avoids the in game bind conflicts and is a much more enjoyable experience. Of course the rumble feature drove me nuts as it always does and here’s how you can disable it if you wish.

Steam\steamapps\common\alice madness returns\AliceGame\Config\DefaultGame.ini


Make this file Read-only after you save your changes.


Although I use the controller to play this game, I did go on ahead and fix those bind conflicts which I felt were problematic enough. The Trigger Block (Umbrella) and Trigger Hysteria are both bound here.

Steam\steamapps\common\alice madness returns\AliceGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini

+Bindings=(Name=”ThumbMouseButton”,Command=”TriggerBlock true | OnRelease TriggerBlock false”)

The Trigger Block (Umbrella) bind release conflict is fixed here.

Key_Block = TriggerBlock true | OnRelease TriggerBlock false

Make this file Read-only after you save your changes.

The Use key conflict occurs as it was improperly written in the original file. You can see here how it should actually be written.

Steam\steamapps\common\alice madness returns\AliceGame\Config\DefaultControlLayout.ini

KeyBindArray2=(Name=”E”,Command=”Use | push | PickUpActor | QuitFPS | SwitchWeaponGroup”)

Make this file Read-only after you save your changes.


The Special Edition Download Content can be made available here. This file should also be made Read-only after you save your changes.

Steam\steamapps\common\alice madness returns\AliceGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini


 Note: After I made sure that all of my in game settings were working correctly, I actually made this entire directory Read-only.

Steam\steamapps\common\alice madness returns\AliceGame\Config\

*Important: Do not use the Xbox One controller at all if you intend to complete the game using only the keyboard and mouse. Using the Xbox One controller causes the Aiming/First-Person Camera to hitchhike the Dodge bind. This conflict is then saved to the GameConfig_PC.CFG file found in the my games directory and cannot be changed or salvaged. The only way to repair this conflict is to delete this file and start the game over.