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; BioShock refillammohealtheve.txt
; Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Content\System
; retropwned

GiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Crossbow
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ResearchCamera

GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_Bullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_AntiPersonnel
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Kerosene
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_LiquidNitrogen
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_IonicGel
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_Bolt
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_SuperHeatedBolt
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_TrapBolt


GiveItem 3 ShockDesignerClasses.MedHypo
GiveItem 3 ShockDesignerClasses.BioAmmoHypo
GiveItem 3 ShockGame.AutoHack


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