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Dear Constant Gamer,

Thank you for choosing retropwned. I keep here a collection of setup information and configuration in accordance with my own preferences. I focus on gaming via the keyboard and mouse and I will assume that you have an advanced understanding of cfg files, ini files and the like. I am not here to teach you; only to share my own setup information, configuration and game experience with you. I have an ongoing and everlasting urge to tweak and bind the games that I enjoy and thought, why not share this with whomever might care to have a look. So here is retropwned and might I add that it is a work in progress as different games give me new ideas for better ways to implement configuration. The information I have posted here works best for me and it may not work best for you and it is by no means complete. If you would like a tutorial or a more in depth approach to game configuration, look no further than your favorite search engine.

If you look above or to the categories on your left, you will see links to the setups and configurations I have created. Follow these so that you can choose whichever ones most suit your own playing style. Also, I have included templates within each setup. These templates will show you how I have the keyboard and mouse set up for general FPS gaming within each setup. Feel free to print these templates and use them for reference during game play. Be sure to examine the Game Setup category above as well before moving on to the various cfg’s I have created and remember to back up any files you might modify from this website or any other website. Tweak and bind to your own accord but I have spent hours setting these up and believe them to be the most logical and ergonomic.

The Game Setup category contains a step-by-step checklist and other useful information about each game. The cfg’s I have created are my own, with special thanks noted, information about each one, and explanation.

This being said, stay tuned and be retropwned.

Thank You for visiting.


Posted October 24, 2014 by retropwned

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  1. Love this site…lots of very cool info.

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