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; BioShock refillammohealtheve.txt
; Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Content\System
; retropwned

GiveWeapon ShockGame.Wrench
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Pistol
GiveWeapon ShockGame.MachineGun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Shotgun
GiveWeapon ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ChemicalThrower
GiveWeapon ShockGame.Crossbow
GiveWeapon ShockGame.ResearchCamera

GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_Bullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_AntiPersonnel
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Pistol_ArmorPiercing
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_Bullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_FrozenBullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.MachineGun_ArmorPiercingBullet
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_00Buck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_IonicBuck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Shotgun_HighExplosiveBuck
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_FragGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_StickyGrenade
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.GrenadeLauncher_RPG
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_Kerosene
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_LiquidNitrogen
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.ChemicalThrower_IonicGel
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_Bolt
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_SuperHeatedBolt
GiveItem 999 ShockGame.Crossbow_TrapBolt


GiveItem 3 ShockDesignerClasses.MedHypo
GiveItem 3 ShockDesignerClasses.BioAmmoHypo
GiveItem 3 ShockGame.AutoHack


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; BioShock powertothepeople.txt
; Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Content\System
; retropwned

AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol Damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Pistol MagazineSize
AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade MachineGun Kickback
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun Damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Shotgun RateOfFire
AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Damage
AddWeaponStatUpgrade GrenadeLauncher Immunity
AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower ConsumptionRate
AddWeaponStatUpgrade ChemicalThrower Range
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow BreakageChance
AddWeaponStatUpgrade Crossbow Damage


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; BioShock maximumhealtheveupgraded.txt
; Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Content\System
; retropwned

GiveItem 9 ShockGame.HealthUpgrade
GiveItem 9 ShockGame.BioAmmoUpgrade


allplasmidstonicsresearch.txt   Leave a comment

; BioShock allplasmidstonicsresearch.txt
; Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Content\System
; retropwned


GEP SecurityBeacon
GEP Telekinesis
GEP SpringboardTrapTwo
GEP SummonProtectorTwo
GEP ElectricBoltThree
GEP IcicleAssaultThree
GEP IncinerationThree
GEP InsectSwarmPlasmidThree


GEP ArmoredBodyTwo
GEP ChargedBurstsTwo
GEP DeepResearcherTwo
GEP ElectricBodyTwo
GEP EyeForDetailTwo
GEP FreezingNimbusTwo
GEP MachineBullyTwo
GEP MeleeMasterTwo
GEP SneakAttackTwo
GEP SuperHeatedTwo


GEP AlarmExpertTwo
GEP EfficientCrafter
GEP ElectronicsExpertTwo
GEP ExtendedShutdownTwo
GEP HackingExpertTwo
GEP ProlificCrafter
GEP SecuritySystemsExpertTwo
GEP ShorterAlarmTwo
GEP SlowFlowTwo
GEP StationExpertTwo
GEP VendingExpertTwo


GEP BioAmmoEfficiency
GEP Bloodlust
GEP BoozeHound
GEP ChameleonBlood
GEP FastTwitchTwo
GEP GeneticHackerThree
GEP HealthyConsumerThree
GEP MedHypoOmnisynthesisTwo
GEP MedicineFriendlyThree
GEP NearSightedCamerasTwo
GEP OrganicPockets
GEP ThoroughScavenger

testAddResearchPoints Assassin 1750
testAddResearchPoints Bouncer 2000
testAddResearchPoints CeilingCrawler 1750
testAddResearchPoints Gatherer 2000
testAddResearchPoints Grenadier 1750
testAddResearchPoints MeleeThug 1750
testAddResearchPoints RangedAggressor 1750
testAddResearchPoints Rosie 2000
testAddResearchPoints SecurityBot 1750
testAddResearchPoints SecurityCamera 1750
testAddResearchPoints Turret 1750


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  • Command line argument to skip intro videos.

“Steam\steamapps\common\Bioshock\Builds\Release\Bioshock.exe” -nointro

Place all four of the text files here


Replace the bioshock.ini and User.ini files found on the path below and make both of these files Read-only.

C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Bioshock

  • Step-By-Step Setup

Run the game and set up all of your options and preferences. Anything you choose to alter once you are in game is fine, although if you are using my ini files along with your Razer Naga 2014 mouse then you will see that your Customize Controls menu is already set up for you.

Note: Play the game without any cheats activated until you activate the security bot that is trapped between the door in the first section of the game. Having cheats activated prior to this will not allow you past this door. (of course you can no clip past this event with cheats activated but then you lose the aid of said security bot).

Once you pass this event, go on and press the cheats button on your mouse only once. This will give you all weapons and refill all ammo, health and eve. You can use this button as often as you like while in game.  Next, press the 4 key on the numeric keypad only once. I tested the max upgrade level for health and eve to 9 instances which i have implemented in the text file. you can keep pressing the 4 key after the initial press but you will see that even as the health and eve bars extend, the associated health and eve will never fill that space; also, when you encounter an upgrade station in game, disregard the upgrades to your max health and eve as they will also extend your health and eve bars needlessly. Now again, press the 5 key on the numeric keypad only once. This will give you all weapon upgrades and need not be hit again at any time unless you begin a new game.The 6 key on the numeric keypad is mapped to give out all plasmids, tonics and research BUT I never use this key as it has some strange effects in game as far as plasmid selection and such. Better to collect and upgrade your plasmids, tonics and research in game as you go. This of course is my own opinion and feel free to use this key or modify the text file or any other of my text files to your own accord. Once you have this completed, go on and press the cheats button on your mouse again and you will see that you are more than well enough prepared to take on even the roughest of the big daddies.

Custom FOV is set for mouse button 3. The reason for this is that if and when you use the zoom key, it resets the in game fov back to the default setting, so it keeps the option to recustomize your fov close at hand. Also of note here are the Big Bucks and ADAM keys. Go on and use these as often as you wish.

  • Changes of Interest

Aliases[29]=(Command=”DuckKeyPressed | onRelease DuckKeyPressed”,Alias=Duck)

MiddleMouse=SetFOV 100

Z=ZoomCycle | onRelease ZoomCycle


Period=exec refillammohealtheve.txt

NumPad4=exec maximumhealtheveupgraded.txt
NumPad5=exec powertothepeople.txt
;NumPad6=exec allplasmidstonicsresearch.txt
NumPad8=SetFOV 100
NumPadPeriod=GiveItem 9999 ShockGame.ADAM

Elevator Code: 5744

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Keyboard Setup – FPS – Numeric Keypad

Keyboard Setup – FPS – Numeric Keypad

I created this template to help with your keyboard as it should be associated with general First Person Shooter configuration when used in conjunction with the Razer Naga. This template considers the Numeric Keypad of the keyboard in regards to general FPS gaming.

The numeric keypad on your keyboard has undergone a total conversion and has now become your cheat console.

Everything bound here is a cheat or some other function which will make life easier in game. Although a few of the keys are game specific, a method is present here.

Once more from top left to bottom right…

Fly, Walk, and No Clip. Pretty self-explanatory.

No Target, Custom FOV, and Buddha/Undying/God. God Mode is pretty self-explanatory.  The custom FOV function is already bound to mouse button 3 (scroll wheel click) but we bind it here as well just in case we need mouse button 3 for some other purpose. In some games, such as Doom 3 or Quake 4, a testlight function is available. This creates an area of light in front of you so that you can see your surroundings a bit better. The Buddha and Undying cheats function pretty much the same aside from the fact that you take no damage at all in God Mode whereas in Buddha or Undying Mode you will take damage until you reach health level 1.

The next row features your ‘I want it all’ cheats. Want your health and eve bars at maximum length? Hit 4. Want all of those weapons modifications? Hit 5. Want all of those research camera goodies? Hit 6.

The next row is for changing the game difficulty level on the fly for those games which allow for it.

The fat key on the bottom will be used to refill your wallet in games such as BioShock and the one next to that to refill your ADAM. These two keys can be used specifically for each game as they reside at the bottom of the keyboard right next to your mouse.

The Plus and Enter keys mimic the mouse Quick Save and Quick Cheat buttons.

Game specific settings are listed in the Game Setup category.