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Intro videos always annoy me. I kill them whenever I can. You can disable them at this location.



  • Vertical Sync

Navigate to the directory listed below and change every instance of UseVsync=False to UseVsync=True


  • Smoothed Frame Rate

Minimum and maximum frame rates can be adjusted at the following location. Setting both of them at 30 has been known to prevent the elevator glitch from taking place.



  • Duck Toggle, God Mode and The Elevator Glitch

These three items can be modified at the directory listed below, unless of course, your personal preferences decide otherwise. Please read forward after locating these for a more detailed description.


Duck Toggle in DefaultInput.ini

.Bindings=(Name=”GBA_Duck”,Command=”Duck | onrelease UnDuck | Axis aUp Speed=-0.5 AbsoluteAxis=100″)

God Mode in DefaultInput.ini


  • The Elevator Glitch

Apparently some users have this issue and some do not. I, for one, did experience this issue and if modifying the smoothframerates didn’t help you then there is another way around this. Bind these two keys at this location.

Detour Glitch bindings for DefaultInput.ini


As you enter the last elevator, it will begin to travel upwards and everything seems fine, until it stops to let you off at the final area of the game. It is at this point where the glitch takes place. As soon as the elevator stops, the glitch takes place, and it basically dumps you out into the sky below the final area of the game. Simply press PageUp on your keyboard so that you can manually ‘fly’ up to the final area of the game. Once there, you can locate a suitable spot near the floor to land. Press PageDown to exit Ghost mode and you’ll be right back in the game, at the final area, where you can now end this insanity once and for all. On a side note, I really did enjoy this game from beginning to end and it’s a shame that bugs like this aren’t fixed prior to final release.

  • Important!

After making changes to any of the files here, Steam\steamapps\common\legenday\PandoraGame\Config\, convert them all to Read-only and make yourself a backup. Once you do that, then go here, C:\Users\your name\My Documents\My Games\Legendary\PandoraGame\Config\, and delete everything in there. The game will create all new ones based on the changes you made to the default ones.

  • FOV

You can change the FOV of the game with the Legendary – FOV Changer 1.0.0. Just run it, set it up, and leave it running during your game session. I found FOV 100 to work well.

For more information and some screenshots, see the Game Setup area for this game.

  • Changes of Interest



Legendary: The Box   Leave a comment

Legendary: The Box

Legendary: The Box

2015-05-16_000032015-05-16_000042015-05-16_00005Some screenshots of me falling away from the final area of the game after the elevator glitch takes place.

2015-05-14_00010…and of course this screenshot was just for fun. : )

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